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ZR Per Diem Services Now in Pennsylvania

Nov 12, 2019 10:28:22 AM / by ZR Per Diem


Award-Winning Court Appearance and Deposition Coverage,
now available to select counties in PA.

Busy lawyers know that there are never enough hours in the day. Between emails, phone calls, text messages and paperwork to do, making clients happy, moving cases to resolution and meeting billable hour goals can seem impossible. 

Per diem attorneys, sometimes called coverage attorneys or local counsel, save attorneys money and time by handling court appearances, depositions, hearings and more, on behalf of attorneys of record, giving those attorneys back hours a day. 

ZR Per Diem Services has been providing court appearance and deposition coverage throughout New York and New Jersey for over a decade and we are excited to announce that our services are now available in eastern Pennsylvania, covering the following counties: 


PA Counties Blog Image
  • Philadelphia
  • Bucks
  • Montgomery
  • Delaware
  • Lackawana
  • Wayne



ZR Per Diem is revolutionizing the business of law. We instantly place attorneys to handle your court appearances, depositions, and hearings using the best in technology and customer service. Trusted and used by thousands of attorney clients our vast roster of experienced, specialist attorneys are available to cover multiple appearances, before different judges, even in several counties or states on the same day. 

Requesting coverage through ZR Per Diem is quick and easy and can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through our proprietary online portal, Revolution®️.  

Requests will be confirmed and coverage secured, sometimes in as little as 2 minutes. Attorneys or their support staff members can upload specific instructions and desired results, documents related to the appearance and even instructions for when to contact the attorney of record from court.  

Our staff will review the information provided, ask any necessary follow up questions and transmit your request to a highly qualified attorney experienced within the practice area and courthouse to be covered.  

Our clients consider us an extension of their staff attorneys. They rely on our local counsel expertise to provide coverage in counties that would be prohibitively expensive to do business in otherwise or when they just can’t be in more than one place, at one time.  


ZRPD prides itself on providing clients with excellent service at competitive rates. But here is a sample of rates for some of our most popular services.  

Eastern Region Prices

Standard Conferences & Motions


Foreclosure - L&T- Family & Matrimonial








When ZRPD first started handling court appearances we covered the counties closest to our headquarters in New York. We covered New York City, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties, with a small roster of experienced attorneys. A lot of our clients handled cases beyond those locations and needed coverage for depositions and hearings, too.  

Over time, we began covering all of New York State and expanding our coverage services to include depositions, hearings and arbitrations. Again, many clients who had cases in New York also needed coverage in New Jersey.  

They were so happy with ZRPD’s top-notch customer service and roster of attorneys that they asked if we could cover cases there as well.  Soon we were covering cases in New York and New Jersey and had hundreds of attorneys available to handle those appearances.  

“Pennsylvania just seemed like the logical next step. We wanted to bring the exceptional service that our New York and New Jersey clients have come to expect to Pennsylvania. Our initial launch of services will begin in the greater Philadelphia region and a few counties north. We plan to expand our coverage capabilities throughout the state in the coming months." 

- Connie Rinaldi | Co-Founder, ZR Per Diem

Find out how using ZR Per Diem can save you and your firm time and money. Request coverage today and find out why ZR Per Diem is the premier provider of per diem services and the 2019 winner of the New York Law Journal award for best per diem provider (as the exclusive provider for per diem services for elaw). 


ZR Per Diem Services. Now available in Pennsylvania.


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