Independent Medical Examinations, or IMEs, play a vital role in how defense attorneys (and insurance companies) value a personal injury case.  So why do so many plaintiffs’ attorneys undervalue the importance of the IME by not sending their clients with representation?  

At ZR Per Diem, our clients understand that the IME is one of the tools that insurance companies use to devalue your cases and undercut settlement offers.  With the value of their cases (and their bottom line) hanging on this single examination of the plaintiff, our clients know how important it is to have an experienced representative, who knows the rules and is able to advocate for the injured party to best protect their interests and the value of their case. 



When you request coverage for an IME, the assigned attorney will: 

  • Meet with your client before, during and after the examination; 
  • Alert you to any issues with your client, like non appearance; 
  • Walk your client through filling out any required paperwork; 
  • Report on the length and content of the examination; 
  • Attend the examination with your client; 
  • Stop overreaching examination questions or testing; 
  • Advocate for your client and your case. 

IME Coverage Pricing

You can request IME Coverage by creating a free account or logging into your account in our service platform, Revolution©, emailing us at or calling us at (877) 737-8539.

Rate is for 60 minutes of per diem coverage at examination from scheduled appointment time through the end of the examination, including wait time.  Additional time at IME appointment will be billed at $125 per hour.

Travel time is included in the rate, unless otherwise specified.  Remote IME locations and locations with limited access by public transportation may be subject to additional travel charges.

IME Coverage - NYC

Kings, Queens, Bronx, Richmond


IME Coverage - Nassau County


IME Coverage - Suffolk


IME Coverage - Westchester


IME Coverage - NY North

All counties north of Westchester.

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IME Coverage - New Jersey

All counties



Who will (be assigned) to escort for my clients?

ZR Per Diem's vast roster of experienced personal injury attorneys are available to attend your clients medical examination with them.

What role does the assigned attorney play at an IME?

Like all per diem attorneys, ZR Per Diem Attorneys are Of Counsel to the client for purposes of the assignment. So, the assigned attorney escorting your client to their IME is an extension of your staff.

Can the assigned IME attorney testify at trial?

While all strategy decisions for any matter are up to the attorney of record, an attorney playing an ‘Of Counsel” role on behalf of your firm can certainly be called as a witness at trial to rebut any inaccurate information testified to by the examining physician.

Are reports from assigned IME attorneys discoverable?

The notes provided to you would be easily characterized as attorney work product from an of counsel attorney working as part of your office team.

Why choose ZR Per Diem for your IME coverage needs?

We know you have options when covering your clients defense exams. At ZR Per Diem we pride ourselves on providing quality coverage at competitive prices. Your exam will always be covered by an experienced attorney and our pricing can’t be beat.


“We just used ZR to escort our client to an IME in a really contentious matter. The attorney who handled the exam prepared our client for exactly what to expect, advocated for our client when the doctor’s staff tried to ask inappropriate questions and
sent us detailed notes about the examination. I will never use another service again.”


“Booking coverage for IMEs through ZR Per Diem really improved my clients’ confidence when attending these exams.  Clients can be intimidated and fall into the trap of giving information that is not great for their case.  An IME escort eliminated this problem in my practice.”


“The feedback I’ve gotten from my clients’ after working with IME escorts from ZRPD has been very positive.  Clients felt protected and advocated for, like they had someone on their side.”


“IMEs can really take a lot of time out of a busy lawyers day.  Having escorts available through ZR Per Diem to handle IMEs for me really pays off.”