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Pennsylvania Coverage Attorneys

Virtual and In-Person Appearances Now Available!

ZRPD is available virtually for court appearances and depositions and NOW AVAILABLE, virtual associate services for all types of legal work. ZRPD is available to provide virtual court appearance and deposition coverage services throughout our coverage area.


Exclusive Provider of
Per Diem Coverage Services for




Select Counties in Pennsylvania Coverage Attorneys



Per Diem Coverage Attorneys in Pennsylvania

ZR Per Diem is now offering per diem coverage services in the following counties in Pennsylvania:

  • Philadelphia
  • Bucks
  • Montgomery
  • Delaware
  • Lackawanna
  • and Wayne counties.

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Pennsylvania Per Diem Coverage Attorney Costs

Standard Conferences & Motions


Foreclosure, L&T, Family & Matrimonial






Pennsylvania Deposition Rates


Start at $300 per witness, depending on nature and location of appearance. Packages available upon request.



* Contact us for rates not listed. Prices are subject to same day, late request, and afternoon surcharges. Additional fees may apply based on client's request. Rates subject to change based on location and nature of case.

** All printing and mailing fees required for an appearance will be charged accordingly.

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Our per diem attorney services are for licensed attorneys in the jurisdiction where your matter is located.

Counties Covered by Per Diem Attorneys
Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Lackawanna, and Wayne.
Courts Covered by Per Diem Attorneys
All courts are covered within the select counties in which we provide coverage.
Matters Covered by Per Diem Attorneys
Covering attorneys are available to cover matters in all specialty areas, including but not limited to, personal injury, property damage, foreclosure, bankruptcy, contracts, commercial litigation, divorce, child custody, criminal, housing, debt collection, traffic infractions, as well as administrative hearings.