ZR Per Diem - The Legal Team Standing Behind You

For so many of our clients, especially in the last few months, balancing the bottom line with having enough staff to handle the demands of an active caseload is an everyday challenge.

Everyone is experiencing financial struggles in this environment, but how do you continue growing and expanding your law practice when staffing might be short? 


Virtual Associate Services

Using ZRPD Virtual Associate Services allows you to have a great legal team of specialists, standing behind you, available to help you move your cases forward by:

  • Preparing motions for outstanding discovery; 
  • Strategizing Summary Judgment motions;
  • Drafting Summons and Complaints on new cases; 
  • Doing legal research; 
  • Preparing Answers and Discovery Demands; 
  • Writing Opposition and Reply Papers; 
  • And doing whatever assignments you can think of. 

Virtual Associate Services give you the  competitive edge by providing you with resources designed to grow your firm, even in times of economic uncertainty. 

What to Expect:  

  • Prompt response to your project proposal; 
  • Handpicked Associates experienced in your practice area; 
  • Direct communication with the attorney handling your matter; 
  • Fair and competitive pricing; 
  • High quality legal work, at your fingertips; 

Virtual Associates - Frequently Asked Questions

Who will perform the Virtual Associate Work?

ZR Per Diem Services has worked for over a decade to build a robust roster of highly qualified, specialized attorneys to perform per diem services to our clients. 

We have hundreds of qualified attorneys available to work on your project.  

How will I communicate with the assigned Virtual Associate?

Once you have submitted your proposal for services, ZR Per Diem will send your request out to our roster of highly qualified attorneys in your specialty area. 

Once an agreement has been reached on the scope and cost of the assignment, ZR will put you directly in touch with the attorney and you will take it from there. 

How much do Virtual Associates cost?

Project costs are based on a variety of factors including the scope, difficulty, depth and length of your project. 

Drafting an Answer will be a very different cost than preparing an appeal.  

Do you suggest a rate for Virtual Associate projects?

While you suggest the price for your project, we encourage you to include reasonable attorneys fees for your project cost, starting at $125 an hour for most projects seems to encourage the best response. 

For more complex or specialized work, we strongly suggest a higher commensurate rate, based on your area of practice. 

Will the price ever change?

Our goal is to provide you with the best fit for your project.  The best way to be sure the pricing for your project is accurate is to describe the project clearly and accurately. 

Legal work can be unpredictable at times, but there are no surprises with Virtual Associate Services.

Any necessary adjustments will be discussed with you in advance. 

What if I don’t work well with the assigned attorney?

Just give our customer satisfaction team a call or shoot us an email at support@zrperdiem.com.  We will work with you to identify the issue and find a solution that works for you.  

What if I am unhappy with the result?

To get the best result it is our client's responsibility to provide all the necessary information and clearly communicate expectations.

That being said, client satisfaction is our top priority.

If you are having difficulty with a project, please contact us at support@zrperdiem.com.

How do I submit a project?

Just email support@zrperdiem.com and we’ll help you put your project together.  

Are Virtual Associates employed by ZR Per Diem?

Just like our Per Diem Coverage Attorneys, Virtual Associates are independent contractors and are not employed by ZR Per Diem. 

They work "Of Counsel" to you and your firm on the discreet project you have assigned.  


What Our Clients are Saying About ZR Per Diem's Virtual Associates


“The assigned attorney did a wonderful job. I could not be more pleased. Thank you so much for doing such good work.”


“I could not have moved my cases forward during the pandemic without the help of wonderful attorneys assigned by ZRPD.”


“The assigned attorney did a very comprehensive and thorough job.”