Per Diem Attorney Services Update Related To COVID-19 

Updated 3/23/20

Information about court closures and restrictions continue to come in from different sources.   As changes come to our attention, ZRPD will continue updating the information available on this site. 

On March 22, 2020, Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts of the State of New York issued the following Administrative Order, which can be viewed here.  

Effective immediately and until further order, no papers shall be accepted for filing by a county clerk or a court in any matter of a type NOT included on the list of essential matters (as described below). 

On March 20, 2020, The Governor of the State of New York issued an Executive Order (202.8) which states in pertinent part as follows:

"Any specific time limit for the commencement, filing or service of any legal action, notice, motion, or other process or proceeding, as prescribed by the procedural laws of the state, including but not limited to the criminal procedure law, the family court act, the civil practice law and rules, the court of claims act, the surrogate's court procedure act, and the uniform court acts, or by any other statute, local law, ordinance, order, rule or regulation, or part thereof, is hereby tolled from the date of this executive order until April 19, 2020."  

Among other things, that same order provided that 

  • There shall be no enforcement of either an eviction of any tenant residential or commercial. 
  • There shall be no enforcement of a foreclosure of any residential or commercial property. 

For a period of ninety days. 

On March 19, 2020, The Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts of the State of New York issued an Administrative Order pertaining to Civil Litigation in the State of New York:

  • Civil Litigation Generally:  The prosecution of pending civil matters (including discovery) in a manner that requires in-person appearances or travel, or otherwise requires actions inconsistent with prevailing health and safety directives relating to the coronavirus health emergency, is strongly discouraged. 
  • Civil Discovery Generally: Where a party, attorney or other person is unable to meet discovery or other litigation schedules (including dispositive motion deadlines) for reasons related to the coronavirus health emergency, the parties shall use best efforts to postpone proceedings by agreement and stipulation for a period not to exceed 90 days.  Absent such agreement, the proceedings shall be deferred until such later date when the courts can review the matter and issue appropriate directives.  In no event will participants in civil litigation be penalized if discovery compliance is delayed for reasons relating to the coronavirus public health emergency.  
In New York State, the following hotline has been established for questions related to pending litigation:  833-503-0447.


ZR Per Diem Services remains committed to making our clients lives easier by providing court appearance and deposition coverage services, even during these difficult times.  There have been many updates and changes to how appearances will be handled during this situation over the last few days. 

Beginning with appearance requests scheduled for 3/18/20, ZR Per Diem Services will take the following action:

  • New York State Supreme Court matters:   It is our best information that all non-urgent Supreme Court conferences are being adjourned and all motions will be decided on submission unless directed otherwise by the court.   ZRPD will cancel these appearances if they are scheduled between 3/18/20 and 3/25/20.
  • New Jersey Landlord/Tenant Court Matters:  ZRPD will cancel coverage on these appearances through March 27, 2020. 
  • New Jersey Municipal Court Matters:  ZRPD will cancel coverage on these appearances through March 27, 2020. 
  • New Jersey Superior Court Matters: We will cancel all requests unless we are expressly advised that the matter has been designated as an emergent appearance under NJ guidelines. 
  • Orders to Show Cause:  ZRPD will NOT cancel any requests related to a pending Order to Show Cause UNLESS directed to do so by our client.  Our best information is that the court will continue to entertain emergency applications.  
  • NYC Civil Court Matters - All Counties:  We have confirmation that Civil Courts in New York City, All Counties, are closed.ZR PER DIEM SERVICES will cancel requests in the Civil Courts in New York County between 3/18/20 and 3/25/20.
  • Depositions:  We will NOT cancel the request until we hear from you.  We will assume that all parties have confirmed availability and will secure coverage.  
  • Telephonic Arbitration:  ZRPD will NOT cancel requests for coverage for telephonic arbitration.  We have heard that some jurisdictions may continue holding telephonic appearances.  If you would like to cancel your request, please let us know.  


Because we feel strongly that in a time of uncertainty, accurate information is most important.  Toward that end, the information provided by ZR Per Diem is  only information we have been able to confirm the announcement personally or in writing.  This information is being provided as a courtesy to our friends and family and is not intended to replace information from official channels.  

To assist our clients during this time, ZR Per Diem will waive all cancellation fees for scheduled appearances for the next 2 weeks (3/13/20 - 3/27/20), provided cancellation is made at least one hour before the start time of the appearance*.

In the coming days, ZR Per Diem will update you with information about handling teleconferences and other alternative appearances.  

We encourage our clients to continue making their coverage requests, even where there is uncertainty as to whether the appearance will be necessary.  The more time we have to arrange coverage, the better, as this situation evolves.  

We ask all of our clients and per diem attorneys to keep ZR Per Diem updated with any notices, changes and updates related to the courts.

We encourage everyone to sign up for the NYS Courts Emergency Alert System here.

In New Jersey, we suggest creating an account at New Jersey Courts, to get up to the minute text notifications of New Jersey court closures.

For general information about the COVID-19 virus please check here for the latest updates.

*You may see a late cancellation fee on your invoice.  Our billing department is working hard to manually adjust invoices in the coming days.  Thank you for your patience. 

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