Specialized bankruptcy attorneys available to handle your court appearance coverage needs.

— Attorneys admitted to practice in each federal district in NY
— Able to attend 341 meetings
— Chapter 7
— Chapter 13
Bankruptcy Per Diem Attorneys

Per Diem Attorneys for Bankruptcy Filings and Appearances

Increase profits by reducing your workload and making room for more clients. 

  • Virtual associates available to help with your firm’s document drafting in all types of bankruptcy proceedings. 

Although Bankruptcy filings fell in 2021, post-covid “shadow debt” may spell trouble for many households and businesses as pandemic relief begins to run out but financial strain remains.  This could mean that a big influx of new clients with new cases could be coming your firm’s way and soon.  

Small to mid-sized firms, often looking for new sources of income and an increase in volume of new clients, have a struggle ahead of them.   As new clients come in the door, the lack of staff and firm “infrastructure” makes handling more volume impossible and expectations begin to fall short.  One strategy that many ZRPD clients use to manage an increase in cases while having a shortage of staff is per diem attorneys and contracted associates.  

We have clients who have built their businesses using per diem services and use per diem attorneys on a daily basis.  

“Since ZRPD added virtual associate services, I’ve been able to take on even more work to support my firm, '' says one client.  “Now I have someone available to go to any court, any day and provide me with great coverage and I have specialized attorneys who can process my paperwork.  My revenue has increased by 30% using ZRPD.” 

Bankruptcies are specialized appearances, having a qualified, vetted and experienced bankruptcy attorney who knows the nuances of each courthouse and judge, can make the difference between moving cases forward and having cases stall.  

What to expect when ordering coverage from ZR Per Diem for your bankruptcy proceeding:

  • Confirmation of Coverage, usually within minutes
  • Quick, easy ability to add instructions and documents to your request
  • Personalized customer service to match your request with the right coverage for you.
  • Highly qualified, professional appearance coverage by a ZR Per Diem Roster Attorney
  • Advocacy for your client at the appearance
  • Quick, accurate reporting of outcomes

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • For individuals and businesses
  • Eliminates all unsecured debt
  • Best for those with few assets
  • Best for those with barely enough income to get by
  • Must pass means test to qualify

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