Per Diem Attorney Services - FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about ZR Per Diem Services

We have assembled a list of the most commonly asked questions by our clients about our per diem attorney services and have included helpful answers and links. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please contact us directly so we can assist you.


Per Diem Client FAQ

What is a Per Diem Attorney?

A per diem attorney, sometimes referred to as “Of Counsel” or covering attorney, is an attorney who appears at a court appearance or deposition on behalf of the attorney of record on a case, just for the day. 

How Do I Request Coverage For a Court Appearance?

Simply visit our Request Coverage page and click “Request Coverage”. This will take you to ZRPD’s proprietary, state of the art online portal, Revolution. If you do not have an account with us, click on “create an account” and follow the quick, easy steps. Once you are in your account, click “Request Coverage” and include all the details and information for your request.

Can I Call or Email You With My Request?

While most ZRPD clients find using the Revolution Portal the easiest and most efficient way to manage their court appearance and deposition needs, you can call our office at (877) 737-8539 or email us at and a calendar representative can help you with your request. 

How Do I Know Which Attorney is Appearing on My Case?

The assigned attorney’s full name will appear within your request in your Revolution account the day prior to the appearance. If you have made your request by telephone or email, you will receive a confirmation email containing that information.

How Do I Know the Per Diem Attorney is Experienced?

Per Diem Attorneys who make appearances through ZRPD are interviewed, vetted and qualified through our per diem attorney specialist.  We require a minimum of three (3) years of experience, in the area of practice in which the attorney will appear, most attorneys have much more experience than the minimum requirement.  We confirm that all attorneys on our roster are in good standing, fully licensed to practice law in the necessary courts and that there is no recorded disciplinary action against them.

What if I Don’t Have a Lawyer?

Since per diem attorneys appear on behalf of the Attorney of Record on a case, we can only arrange coverage on behalf of the acting attorney on a case.  We cannot accept appearances on behalf of pro se litigants, or people who do not have representation.

What if the Per Diem Attorney Assigned Has Questions from Court?
Our per diem attorneys are fully vetted, experienced professionals and are able to resolve most issues while they are in court.  Sometimes, when a question arises, our per diem attorneys will contact the hiring attorney by phone or text. Questions can also be asked and answered through Revolution in real time. 
Do I Have to Include Attachments or Instructions for My Appearance?

To get the best outcome from your appearance request it is important to provide clear and complete instructions and documents needed for your appearance.  Some clients even include a summary of the case and what they expect from the appearance.

What if I Need to Know My Results Right Away?

When you need your results right away, all you have to do is include that in your request.  In most cases, we can get your results to you right after your appearance is completed.

How Much Notice Do I Have to Give to Get Coverage?

While it is best to submit your request for coverage with as much advance notice as possible, we understand that covering your calendar is a lot of work and court appearance and deposition dates are not always predictable. 

That is why we guarantee coverage for requests received by 4 pm the day prior to the appearance. In most cases, we can even cover same day requests for coverage.

What If I want to request coverage again, on a matter ZRPD has already covered?

By using the Revolution Portal, requesting coverage again, on a previously covered matter, is as easy as logging into your account and clicking the “request coverage again” button.  All you need to do is confirm the date and time of the appearance and update your instructions. All of the information previously provided and the results of all past appearances handled through Revolution will be there for you.  

How Much Will My Appearance Cost?
Our rates start as low as $100 per court appearance.  Depositions rates start at $275.00. For a full list of our rates, click here for a full list of our rates.
Can I Be Billed for My Appearance?

Clients with an established history with ZRPD can make special arrangements for billing by contacting us at or calling our billing department at 877-737-8539.

What Types of Appearances Do You Cover?

ZR Per Diem offers court appearance and deposition coverage in all counties in NY and NJ, and limited counties in PA.  We provide coverage on a wide variety of matters including personal injury, foreclosure, contract, general civil matters, consumer credit, matrimonial, family, criminal, bankruptcy, and much more.

How Do I Request Coverage For a Deposition?

Simply visit our Request Coverage page and click “Request Coverage”. This will take you to ZRPD’s proprietary, state of the art online portal, Revolution.   If you do not have an account with us, click on “create an account” and follow the quick, easy steps. Once you are in your account, click “Request Coverage” and include all the details and information for your request.

How Do I Know When My Request is Confirmed?

As soon as you submit your request through Revolution, you will receive a confirmation email that your request has been received. 

Once coverage has been secured, you will receive coverage confirmation email. You can also check your Revolution account for status updates and communications with our staff in one convenient place.

How Do I Know the Per Diem Attorney is Reliable?

Because we handle so many court appearances, we have a highly qualified roster of attorneys, who have gone through our vetting and interview process, available to appear on your cases.  Each attorney is selected based upon their level of experience, area of expertise and by availability.  

What Kind of Attorneys Work as Per Diem Attorneys?

A wide range of practitioners choose to work as Per Diem Attorneys. Most have extensive experience and appear in court on a daily basis.

Can I Talk to the Per Diem Attorney Before the Appearance?

Yes, simply add a request to speak to the attorney before your appearance in your instructions and ZRPD will put you in touch with the per diem assigned to your case. You can also specifically request that the attorney call you from court if there are specific issues involved in your case.  

What if I Forgot to Include Instructions for My Appearance?
You are able to update your assignment instructions through the Revolution Portal anytime before the court appearance happens.  You can also contact our office and we will let the per diem attorney know your instructions.
When Will I Know What Happened In Court?

Appearance Reports are published within 1 business day after the appearance and Deposition Reports within 5 business days after the appearance.

How Will I Receive My Appearance Report?

Your Appearance Report will be emailed to the contact person listed in your Revolution account.  Reports are also available for review by logging into Revolution and reviewing your request.  

Can You Cover a Request After 5pm or the Same Day as the Appearance?

ZRPD will secure coverage for your late and same day appearances if we have an attorney available to cover.  Additional fees will apply for the expedited service. 

Will the Same Per Diem Attorney Appear on My Case Every Time?

While we can’t guarantee that the same attorney will always appear on a particular case, many of the per diem attorneys who appear on our cases cover the same courts everyday.

How Do I Pay for My Appearance?

Pre-payment can be made through Revolution or with a member of our staff when requesting coverage.  Please see our billing policy for payment terms.

Are Discounts Available?

We offer periodic promotional codes for new and existing clients.  You can sign up for our Blog and email list to be sure you don’t miss one of our appearance specials.

We also offer special pricing to high volume clients.  To find out more, please contact our office at or call our billing department between the hours of 9AM and 5 PM EST, M-F at 877.737.8539.

Per Diem Attorney FAQ

How Do I Apply to Become an Attorney for ZRPD?

Please review the information and apply on our Become a Per Diem page.

Do You Require Insurance?

Per diem attorneys are not required to have professional liability insurance, although we do recommend as a general rule, that attorneys carry it, as a matter of best practices.

When are Reports Due?

Appearance Reports are due the same day as the appearance, no later than 6pm.  If possible, our clients greatly appreciate early reports. Deposition reports must be filed, through Revolution, within 3 days of the completion of the deposition.

How far in advance do I get assignments?
You will receive the assignment the day prior to the appearance.
How Much Will I Earn?

Payment depends upon the venue and type of case, but mostly on how many appearances you make through the ZRPD.  Once you apply, you will receive a copy of our per diem services contract which includes all the information as to rates and payment terms. 

How will I Receive My Assignments?

Most assignments, messages and reports must be communicated through Revolution, ZRPDs proprietary  online appearance portal. Occasionally, information will be communicated by e-mail for the few clients who do not yet use our portal.  You may also receive text notification of available appearances from our calendar staff.

What should be included in the Appearance Report?

You must include all details as to what transpired at the appearance, including the name of your adversary or anyone who appeared on the matter, the name of the judge who heard you matter, and details regarding any discussions at the appearance.  Copies of orders, stipulations or papers received at the appearance must also be attached, using a scanning app. We discourage the use of photographs as photos do not transmit clearly.  

It is important to check the instructions and if the outcome deviated from the instructions, explain WHY in your Report.