Effective January 1st, 2023


There are hundreds of courts and types of appearances throughout NY & NJ. Standard appearance rates are posted on our website. If you cannot locate the rate for your matter, we will be happy to provide you the rate, upon receipt of your request for coverage via our portal Revolution.



Payment is due when coverage is requested. To be considered for an upgrade to net terms, you may contact our finance team by emailing: support@zrperdiem.com.

Any invoices not paid upon receipt will be subject to a 3% monthly late fee. Any invoices open 120 days or greater may be sent to a collection agency or legal action may ensue. The hiring attorney will be fully responsible for all fees associated with the collections process.

We accept all major credit cards, ACH payments, and checks by mail in advance of the appearance date. Please make all checks payable to: ZR Per Diem Services LLC.



There are no cancellation fees charged prior to 6PM the business day prior to the date of coverage. In the event cancellations are received past 6PM, we will process your cancellation however the full rate is applied and is non-refundable.



All requests received after 6PM the business day prior to the date of coverage will be subject to a $75 Expedited Service Fee.



Appearance rates are subject to additional fees based on the nature, length, time and location of the appearance. Travel fees may apply for in-person appearances. You may contact our finance team by emailing: support@zrperdiem.com with any questions.