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Remote Services Are Our Specialty! 


Bee Reporting, the industry leader in court reporting services, specializes in virtual depositions and hearings allowing clients to easily and safely conduct depositions.

Bee’s team of dedicated, talented, skilled and professional reporters
consistently produce accurate transcripts and deliver them
promptly.  Highly experienced in conducting remote depositions, Bee will help you to navigate the world of breakout rooms and online exhibit exchange. 

Our knowledgeable office staff makes scheduling a
deposition pleasant, fast and easy.

For in-person depositions, we will travel. . . Ask about one of our convenient locations where depositions can be conducted.

Our in-house team of certified videographers and interpreters of all
languages are always available upon request.

Special Promotion — Use the Promo Code BEE$25 for $25.00 off your first coverage or court reporting request.

Court Reporter Typing

"Our firm relies exclusively on Bee Reporting to handle our 50H Hearings. Their reporters are punctual, polite and provide very reliable transcripts. We are glad they are on our team!"


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What to Expect when Booking

  • Quick, easy, personalized customer service and coverage confirmations.
  • Years of experience in handling deposition coverage.
  • Expertise in handling Virtual and Remote Depositions.
  • Experienced, Qualified and Specialized Per Diem Attorneys and Court Reporters.
  • Quick, accurate and complete deposition reports and expertly prepared transcripts.
  • The best in technology to make covering depositions simple.

For a limited time: no extra charge for remote expenses or bust fees.

Rates for Stenographic Services

There are no additional charges and no Bust Fees for remote depositions!

Original & Two

Call our office for highly competitive rates; 516-485-BBBB

Additional Copies

If an additional copy is ordered: $3.00 per page
If 2 additional copies are ordered: $2.50 per page
If 3 additional copies are ordered: $2.00 per page
If 4 additional copies are ordered: $1.50 per page
If 5 additional copies are ordered: $1.00 per page

Appearance Fee

$40.00 per session

Bust Fee (No Show)

No Charge

Statement on the Record


Postage & Handling


Condensed (Mini) Transcript


Regular Transcript Delivery

*Additional fees may apply for expedited turnaround time.

10 Days



CD with Transcript
Emailed Transcripts
Transcript Repository

No Charge

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