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Per Diem Attorney Coverage for Foreclosures

ZR Per Diem Services provides coverage for foreclosure appearances for lenders and borrowers counsel at all stages of the foreclosure process.

Foreclosure Coverage Attorney with ZR Per Diem

Right now, there are 33,764 foreclosures pending in New York State.  New Jersey still has the highest rate of foreclosures.  For most firms representing lenders or borrowers, foreclosure representation is a volume practice area.  

One of the most effective ways of managing a volume practice is by using a per diem services provider like ZR Per Diem.  

Volume practices, by design, require some special law office management tools.  Because their work is often flat fee and because, by its nature, volume work involves multiple daily appearances across multiple venues, per diem services can play an important role in the business model of a thriving volume practice, like foreclosure. 

We’ve heard from a lot of our volume practice area clients that high volume, flat fee or low rate matters require strict controls on overhead costs, like payroll.  

“It’s really tough, says one client, to make the economics of foreclosure defense work, we handle a lot of cases for many clients with limited means. It’s important work that we do, for clients’ who are scared, at a really stressful time in their lives.”

"It’s really important that we are able to handle not only all of the paperwork but keep a close eye on deadlines and be available for our clients, says another. We also need to bring in more work to make the business run."

It is similar for our clients who manage firms handling bank work. Foreclosure proceedings have been at an all-time high these past few years. The volume can be overwhelming. Without per diem attorneys to manage our appearances, and manage them well, we wouldn’t be able to handle the volume.  

"I was able to build my whole practice using per diem attorneys as the basis of my business model," says another client.


Our per diem attorneys can be there where and when you need them for your foreclosure coverage.


Types of Foreclosure Appearances Covered by ZR Per Diem Covering Attorneys:

  • Mandatory Settlement Conferences
  • Modification Hearings
  • Motion Oral Argument
  • Order to Show Cause Filing and Argument
  • Motion Submissions
  • Auctions
  • Pre Trial Hearings

What to expect when ordering coverage from ZR Per Diem for your foreclosure proceeding:

  • Confirmation of Coverage, usually within minutes
  • Quick, easy ability to add instructions and documents to your request
  • Personalized customer service to match your request with the right coverage for you.
  • Highly qualified, professional appearance coverage by a ZR Per Diem Roster Attorney
  • Advocacy for your client at the appearance
  • Quick, accurate reporting of outcomes

Foreclosure Model Homes


Foreclosure FAQs

"Will the appearing attorney meet with my client?"

Yes, ZR Per Diem covering attorneys often handle matters where the litigant is in court.  Many cases require the litigant to appear before the court, along with representation. In these instances, the covering attorney will meet with your client, discuss what to expect and explain what transpired at the hearing.

“He was prompt, very professional, left a very positive impression on the witness during the proceedings. Great job!!”

“What does the per diem attorney need to know about my case to handle it properly?”
We strongly suggest that our clients provide per diem attorneys with a brief summary of what is expected to happen at an appearance, instructions about what you would like the per diem attorney to convey to the court and what outcome you expect or would like to achieve at the appearance. 
“Will the per diem attorney file papers with the court, if necessary?"

As a rule, the attorney assigned to a matter is able to file or provide the court with documents, as needed.Please make sure to upload any documents that require printing into the print documents section of Revolution and include your filing needs in your request for coverage. In most cases, assigned attorneys can print up to 20 pages for a small printing fee.  

It is important for you to review the ZR Per Diem printing policy and our policy about filing original documents here. 
“Will the same per diem attorney appear on my matter each time I make a request?”

While ZR Per Diem cannot guarantee that the same attorney will handle your appearances every time, if you include a request for the same covering attorney in your request for coverage, we will do our best to secure the particular attorney for your matter. 

“How will I know what happened at an appearance?”
ZR Per Diem provides reports of court appearance outcomes within 24 hours of every appearance.  You can access your reports on the Revolution portal anytime following the appearance date, within the request for coverage.
“Will the assigned per diem attorney understand foreclosure?”
Yes, the ZR Per Diem roster of attorneys includes lawyers who handle a wide variety of specialties and have experience in handling the types of cases assigned to them. So, when you request coverage for a foreclosure matter, the assigned attorney will have ample experience handling foreclosures.
“Will the per diem attorney discuss the matter with a bank attorney, if I represent a borrower?”
Yes, most foreclosure appearances require that the attorneys representing each side discuss the case at the time of the appearance.  The per diem attorney assigned to your matter will do everything necessary to make sure your client is properly and fully represented at the appearance.
“Will the per diem attorney explain what happened to our client?”
If your client is in court, the per diem attorney, in most cases, will be able to answer questions about the particular appearance for which coverage has been arranged. We suggest, however, that information about the case as a whole or next steps required are best provided by the attorney or record. For this reason, the explanations provided by covering attorneys is limited.
“What if I represent a lender in a foreclosure proceeding?”
That is okay. ZR Per Diem has many clients who regularly or exclusively represent banks and lenders. Our roster of attorneys includes attorneys well-versed in foreclosure proceedings, many of whom have experience on the lender side.
“Will the assigned attorney call me from court?”

Some clients request that the assigned attorney contact them before the appearance to discuss the details of the case. If you’d like contact from the assigned attorney it is important to provide direct contact information for an available staff member as part of your assignment.

Per diem attorneys make every effort to contact ZR Per Diem clients with any questions, concerns, uncertainties or issues from court. However, it is not always possible for a covering attorney to leave the courtroom to make direct contact during the court proceedings.

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