Virtual Appearance Experts

ZR Per Diem is making lawyers lives easier by being the EXPERT in Virtual Appearances and Depositions.  Using a vast network of attorneys, ZRPD has up to the minute information about how your matters are being handled.  

Our curated roster of experienced, professional per diem attorneys knows the changing rules of the court and has hours of experience using the technological tools being used in today's legal practice.  

Don't Worry . . . We've Got You Covered! Even Virtually!

Let ZR Per Diem Help You With Today's Challenges

  • Technological Expertise
    • Zoom
    • Skype For Business
    • Microsoft Teams
    • NYSEF Case Filine
  • Home School/Work Life Balance
  • Changes in Court Rules and Procedures

Virtual Appearance Pricing

  • Virtual Appearances - $115.00
  • Virtual Motions - $115.00
  • Other - Contact us for pricing.
Virtual Appearance Per Diem Attorneys


Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Appearances

Are there extra fees associated with Virtual Appearances?

No, in fact, in many cases, Per Diem attorney coverage is cheaper for virtual appearances than in-person appearances.

Are appearance prices lower for virtual appearances?

ZRPD continues to deliver the same service that our clients have come to expect. Experienced coverage, easy coverage requests, excellent customer services and fast accurate reporting.  That being said, ZR is offering a promo code for virtual appearance requests VIRTUAL15. 

How can I be confident that the appearing attorney will be professional when dealing with the court?

Per Diem attorneys on our roster are professional and experienced and have been going to court for years.  Whether in person or virtually, appearing attorneys have reputations with the judges and attorneys they deal with on a regular basis.  

How do I make sure the covering attorney has the correct log on information for my conference?

As always, ZR Per Diem staff members are available to make sure your conference or deposition information is transmitted to the covering attorney.  Using the Revolution portal ensures that your messages get to our staff and the covering attorney assigned to your matter almost instantaneously. 


What Our Clients Are Saying

“Even with appearances being virtual, I still find it challenging to work from home, “appear in court” and manage my kids.  I rely on ZRPD to help me make my day easier.”


“I have found it really difficult to figure out how the courts are handling appearances.  The information keeps changing.  ZR Per Diem always has the latest information.”


“Virtual appearances still take time out of my day and create distraction.  Using ZR Per Diem helps me keep my calendar moving forward.”