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Struggling to keep the court changes straight?  Frustrated by conflicting rules from court to court?  Confused about how, where and when to appear in your matter? 

ZR Per Diem is here to help.  

Since March, 2020, ZR Per Diem has been the premiere provider of virtual court appearances and depositions.  We are familiar with the changes taking place in the courts.  We know how to manage new filing rules, what each court expects and how different judges handle matters.  

Our professional and experienced staff and access to our roster of over 300 seasoned per diem attorneys allows ZRPD clients to get information . . . fast. 

New Filing Guidelines

    Everyday changes with new e file rules could make a practitioner pull their hair out.  No need.  ZRPD can help you with all of your efile questions. 

Changing Court Procedures

    Procedures keep changing.  From Virtual to In Person, from Zoom to Teams, let us give you the low-down on updates. 

Updated Court Rules

    Have you read the 34 page document released by the court recently explaining virtual bench trial procedures?  We have and we can help. 


    Wondering when housing court matters will be heard?

Executive Orders

    Need to know if you can still notarize documents on zoom?  

Weekly Updates

    Had time to listen to Judge DiFiore’s weekly court update?  ZRPD has got you covered.

Fast, free answers to your court-related questions

How it works...

Just submit your questions to ZRPD by using this form, emailing ZRPD Support or calling us at the number below. We will reach out to our contacts and get your answer, usually in 1 - 2 business days. It's that easy!


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