The Revolution assignment management portal combines the best of technology with high-quality personalized customer service. ZR Per Diem can process your request, confirm coverage, answer questions, and transmit instructions to appearance attorneys quickly and easily, with the click of a button.




Assigned per diem attorneys appear in court everyday and have handled thousands of matters in Supreme Court, Superior Court, Civil Court, Small Claims Court, Night Court, Landlord-Tenant Court, Bankruptcy Court and more. Every appearance is handled professionally, with the zealous representation your clients demand. Rest assured, the per diem attorney will contact you immediately if any issues arise during the appearance.

Transparent Pricing

With competitive pricing starting as low as $100 per appearance, ZR Per Diem is the award-winning choice for busy attorneys in New York, and New Jersey.

Broad Per Diem Coverage At Your Fingertips

Our professional, experienced per diem attorneys are available through New York and New Jersey for all types of matters. Each attorney focuses their practice on a specific county, working with the same judges. They know the court rules and they know the courts.

Save Time, Save Money With ZR Per Diem Services

Even virtual appearances take time out of your busy schedules. Let ZR Per Diem take the tech issues, waiting time and distraction of breaking up your by handling your day by handling your virtual appearance and deposition needs.

Contact ZR Per Diem Services LLC for all of your per diem needs at 1-877-737-8539 or at