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ZR Per Diem is Revolutionizing the business of law. We instantly place attorneys to handle your court appearances, depositions and hearings using the best in technology and customer service. Trusted and used by thousands of attorney clients.




Assigned per diem attorneys appear in court everyday and have handled thousands of matters in Supreme Court, Superior Court, Civil Court, Small Claims Court, Night Court, Landlord-Tenant Court, Bankruptcy Court and more. Every appearance is handled professionally, with the zealous representation your clients demand. Rest assured, the per diem attorney will contact you immediately if any issues arise during the appearance.

​Reasonable Per Diem Rates

With rates that are fair and reasonable and start as low as $100, has become the "go-to" service for attorneys and law firms in New York and New Jersey. See our per diem rates.

Broad Per Diem Coverage At Your Fingertips

ZR Per Diem has processed thousands of requests including court appearances, arbitrations and depositions throughout New York State, including New York, Bronx, Queens, Kings, Richmond, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Putnam, Dutchess & Upstate New York. This service is unparalleled. And now we cover New Jersey matters!

Quit fighting traffic

Quit losing hours of time and money in court. Let us handle the stress while you meet your deadlines and focus on the bottom line. Our per diem services are cost effective and extremely practical.

Contact ZR Per Diem Services LLC for all of your per diem needs at 1-877-737-8539 or at