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2021, What Took You So Long?

Jan 4, 2021 2:00:00 PM / by ZR Per Diem

Happy New Year! And Welcome 2021,  What took you so long? 

This is certainly not your average year end wrap up, sharing good news and bosting about big successes.  This year has been somber, sobering, challenging and sometimes pretty scary. As we enter this new year, we hope this post finds you and yours healthy, safe and warm and that the new year brings promise, healing and growth.  In this time of reflection, we wanted to share some of ZR's 2020 news and hopes for the future.

What can we say about 2020?  ZRPD started off the year with a bang!  We had a larger staff and were servicing more clients, covering more court appearances and depositions than ever before.   Right before “the shutdown” in March, 2020, we were covering a record number of appearances and making our clients’ lives easier, everyday.  

Somewhere in early March, Cesar Zuniga (The Z in ZR Per Diem) suggested that we all sit down and talk about an emergency plan.  News was starting to leak of possible business restrictions. Within days, the City, the Courts and businesses shut down. On March 12th, everyone went home and it was decided we’d “regroup” in two weeks.  That was nine months ago, maybe 10.  Who can keep track? 

In the last months, some things have changed here at ZRPD (and everywhere else)  


In May, 2020, we moved to our new location at 40 Cuttermill Road, Great Neck, NY,  11021.


Our staff is now remote, so we can work through anything you need, from anywhere, anytime.


 We’ve added new products and services to keep making lawyers’ lives easier. 


Our fully vetted, highly experienced roster of per diem attorneys has been performing Virtual Associate work to help our clients keep their cases moving forward. 


Court reporting services can now be ordered through Bee Reporting with just a click when requesting deposition coverage.


Revolution has been updated to make ordering VIRTUAL or In Person coverage more efficient.


It has been a really tough year. Like everyone else, we’ve had to make some difficult decisions.  Changing locations, converting to a remote workforce and developing new products have all been adjustments but each decision has helped ZR Per Diem survive, and in many ways thrive, through this really unprecedented experience.  Although everyone has struggled through this year and work has been slow, the feedback from clients and per diem attorneys has been really positive and hopeful as we enter 2021.  Everyone just wants to get back to work and ZRPD is right here, ready, willing, able and excited to help.

We’d love to brag about the unprecedented number of court appearances for which ZRPD has arranged coverage in 2020, like we were able to in 2019, but this is not the year fOR that. With the shut down of the courts, need for quarantine and isolation, and the emergence of virtual courts, court appearances have certainly slowed down.  That might be an understatement.  There have been days when ZR had no requests for coverage.  And so many of our clients and friends have told us about how these months have impacted their businesses too.  Some firms have closed, others have minimized staff and some are busier than ever..  

Our court contacts have reported both great success with virtual appearances and great difficulties.  Weekly updates and frequently issued executive orders have been challenging to interpret and understand.  ZRPD was proud to be given the opportunity to work with the NYS Academy of Trial Lawyers in keeping track of the news of the day.  At times, the news was coming in so fast it took an army to keep track; other times it was weeks between updates from the courts.  The announcement of huge budget cuts, retirements and attrition in court staff have reminded us that recovery from the last year will take time as the state of the courts remains in flux. 

It is difficult to comprehend what the world will look like heading into 2021.  We are grateful for news of a vaccine on the horizon.  Hopeful news comes from Washington, DC about a new stimulus package and it looks like the courts are planning to ramp up case management in the new year.  So much will be different though.  As we all hope to walk back into the courthouse soon, so many friends, colleagues and clients have been lost since March.  So many law firms and other businesses have permanently shut doors

This isn't the usual holiday season. We have no party photos to share.  There has been no Thanksgiving "potluck" at the office and no decorations to display.  Despite it all, we are deeply grateful that we have navigated through this very challenging year together with out clients, per diems and colleagues.  We are optimistic for what is to come, inspired by the resilience of our friends, clients and families and look forward to working hard to make all of your lives easier as the "new normal" emerges.   

As 2020 has come to a close, finally, we wish you all a healthy, happy and a promising year ahead.

Happy New Year, From everyone at ZR Per Diem Services. 



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