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Depositions With Per Diem Coverage

Feb 26, 2020 10:44:00 AM / by Connie Rinaldi and Cesar Zuniga


If you’ve been practicing law for a while you know how much time you spend at court appearances and depositions and how much of that time can feel wasted, especially when there is so much work that needs to get done back at the office. When I was practicing, I felt pulled in every direction by client calls, motions that needed drafting, opposition papers that were due, the list of things to do was endless.  

I was a defense attorney for a busy private insurance defense firm in New York City. So, every case, had court appearances and depositions. I spent almost every day in court, handling depositions and defending 50h hearings. And if I wasn’t in court handling the appearances, I was in the office preparing for the next day’s matters. The cycle just went on and on. It was pretty exhausting.

With all of that out-of-the-office work, there was little time to work on the motions, discovery demands and reports to the carrier that needed to be done. The most difficult cases to manage were the cases with multiple parties or where discovery issues were hotly contested. In those cases, the time spent on court appearances and depositions was astronomical and often resulted in very little benefit to the case or the parties. I sat through deposition after deposition with multiple defendants for hours as each attorney questioned each witness, starting from the beginning with “What is your name?”  

Honestly, the biggest frustration was that depositions could take hours and we couldn’t always bill the client for all of the time we spent on preparation, travel time and waiting for witnesses. When depositions were repeatedly adjourned or busted and someone else in the office was assigned to handle the next date, that attorney would have to relearn the whole file and we couldn’t charge the client for that either. Having a per diem option for conducting or defending depositions would have really made it easier to keep the clients happy, move cases to resolution and get to all that paperwork, not to mention helping out with the financial burden of all that unbilled work.  

Today, ZR Per Diem Services provides that option to busy lawyers in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. With an experienced, professional and qualified roster of attorneys, ZR Per Diem can staff all of your depositions, whether they are conducting or defending a deposition with the click of a button.  

Hundreds of depositions have been successfully covered through ZR Per Diem Services and its Revolution coverage portal.  Here is what our clients have said about our deposition coverage services: 

“The covering attorney was thorough and detailed in his questioning of the non-party witnesses and provided a comprehensive report.”

“Excellent Attorney!! I would like this covering attorney to cover my future appearances.”

“This attorney did an excellent job. Followed complicated directions and provided a very thorough and detailed report. Best ebt per diem yet. Hope to use in the future.”


Benefits of Using Per Diem Coverage for Depositions

  1. Cut out the traffic and travel time getting to and from depositions;
  2. No waiting around for the parties to be ready to proceed and the court reporter to set up; 
  3. Avoid the hours of boring, repetitive testimony that isn’t relevant to your case; 
  4. No more hours of listening to useless questioning by multiple attorneys; 
  5. Spend your time on more productive work; 
  6. Get the expertise of a seasoned litigator without the cost of hiring more associates; 
  7. Focus on building your business. 
  8. Competitive Deposition Prices saves you time and money; 
  9. Multi witness coverage provides consistency in the handling of your depositions; 
  10. No need to unnecessarily adjourn and delay cases because your office can’t move forward with scheduled depositions;
  11. Avoid unnecessary motions enforcing depositions because you don’t have the time to get to everything on your calendar; 
  12. No more embarrassing court appearances where the Judge admonishes you because your depositions have been delayed. 
  13. Expand your practice into areas you wouldn’t otherwise handle with outside experts available to handle your depositions. 

What to expect when requesting deposition coverage with ZR Per Diem?

  • Highly qualified attorneys are available to conduct or defend depositions on your most sensitive matters. 
  • The ability to communicate directly with the covering attorney about matters important to the success of the deposition or testimony; 
  • Upfront transparent pricing for services rendered, including travel time to and from the deposition; 
  • A complete, detailed report of the proceedings, including information about witness appearance, demeanor, and credibility, along with all of the facts necessary for you to succeed in any matter. 
  • Continuity of coverage, so the same attorney handles multiple witness depositions in the same case. 
  • Subject matter expertise. 

No need to adjourn depositions because you don’t have the staff to cover;

No more pushing paperwork off until the deadlines pass because you have too many court appearances and depositions to cover;

Keep cases running on time; 

Settle more cases; 

Build your business.



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Connie Rinaldi and Cesar Zuniga

Written by Connie Rinaldi and Cesar Zuniga

Connie Rinaldi and Cesar Zuniga are the Co-Founders and Managing Directors of ZRPD