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Recent Updates in Various Courts

Feb 12, 2019 4:19:00 PM / by ZR Per Diem


  1. Judge Bluth is now in 60 Centre
  2. Judge Freed is now in 80 Centre
  3. Judge Saunders has been assigned all of City cases that were handled by Judge Perry at 80 Centre
  4. Judge Kerrigan requires e-filed working copies to be submitted WITH exhibit tabs
  5. Judge D'Auguste is now at 111 Centre previously at 80 Centre.
  6. Judge George Silver is at NY Supreme (111 Centre) room 1227 on Tuesdays (Judge Silver is in Bronx the other days)


  1. Judge Colabella trial ready part - must check in by 9:30AM NO EXCEPTIONS.


  1. Queens Supreme Rule regarding Motions: Please be advise all your clients that the Judges are now requesting that the appropriate exhibit tabs are on motions for submission. 
  2. Jackman Brown adjournment requests by Thursday before or adjournment request likely will not be granted.
  3. Judge Greys - Any cases on in part 4 in Queens Supreme Court that are on for motion practice must be printed and ready to be filed with court. Judge Greys requires hard copies of motions and any other documents, letters, etc.  If there are motions to be handed up, the court requires that they have "blue backs".
  4. Supreme Queens Foreclosure Status Conference Part F is called at 2:15PM unless otherwise specified.


  1. Queen Housing Part 52 - Judge Unger - There is no check in in Part 52. You are expected to be present when Judge Unger called the calendar at 10:00AM. If one party is not there at the call of the calendar then she will default you. 


  1. Judge Dollard - Please note that Judge Dollard calls her own calendar on her settlement conference days, Mondays, and if counsel is not present when the case is called, the case may be dismissed of the Defendant may be placed in default so it is important to be on time.


  1. Judge Loehr is no longer in Rockland Supreme

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