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May 16, 2016 4:51:00 PM / by ZR Per Diem

Staten Island is the southernmost part of the City and State of New York and is separated from Manhattan by the New York Bay. Also known as Richmond County, Staten Island, is home to several courts, including the following:

- Richmond County Supreme Court located at 26 Central Avenue
- Richmond County Surrogate's Court located at 18 Richmond Terrace
- Richmond County Civil Court located at 927 Castelton Avenue
- Richmond Family Court located at 100 Richmond Terrace
- Richmond County Criminal Court located at 26 Central Avenue

Because of its separation from Manhattan and the other boroughs, attorneys from other parts of the City usually have to take the Staten Island Ferry or drive through Brooklyn or New Jersey to appear in the Staten Island courthouses.  

In addition to expending valuable time and money on commuting to Richmond, attorneys appearing in the southern borough are usually "stuck" in court for at least 1-2 hours. As such, many lawyers rather have a per diem attorney appear and handle his or her Richmond County court matters.  

A Per Diem Attorney can handle another law firm's Staten Island court appearances and depositions at a rate that is economically advantageous. The Per Diem Attorney will appear in court or for a deposition based on a flat rate and provide a report following the handling of the matter.

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