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The Best Ways to Utilize Per Diem Lawyers

Jun 6, 2016 4:49:00 PM / by ZR Per Diem

Per Diem Lawyers are an incredible tool for small and mid sized law firms to have in their arsenal. Preparing your Per Diem Attorney is the key to successful coverage. Here are the best ways to utilize a Per Diem Lawyer:
  1. Provide Case Name and Docket Number.  This may sound obvious, but many times attorneys do not provide this information or many times the information is not forthcoming until the day of the appearance.
  2. Provide the Per Diem Lawyer with Case Background.  The Per Diem should know what type of matter he/she is handling. Handling a personal injury case, a contractual dispute, a medical malpractice case are all very different. Forwarding a Complaint or items such as a Bill of Particulars or Interrogatories is usually sufficient since it will have information regarding the case.
  3. Provide Your Objectives & Goals.  Advise the per diem attorney if you would like an adjournment, oppose an adjournment request, enter into a stipulation, not enter into a stipulation, attempt to settle the matter, argue one issue in earnest, etc. To achieve the outcome you desire, your per diem needs to know what your objectives & goals are.
  4. Is your Per Diem a Superhero?  Per Diem Lawyers can many times seem like superheros in court, because of their ability to think quick on their feet and get the job done professionally and competently. However, they do not possess superpowers. If you receive an outcome you are less than satisfied with, often times it not because of any action your per diem attorney did or did not take. For example, if a motion was rejected because it was defective, or an adjournment request was denied because the matter was marked final at the last appearance, etc. - this is beyond the per diem attorney's control. Or maybe like you, the attorney did argue vociferously in support of a motion and still lost. Per Diems are great, amazing and practical and can even overcome what may seem impossible, but they do not have superpowers.​

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ZR Per Diem

Written by ZR Per Diem