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The Winner of Our Per Diem Ratings Contest Is...

Jan 15, 2020 3:00:18 PM / by ZR Per Diem

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We’re kicking off 2020 with exciting news! The results of our 2019 ZRPD Ratings Raffle are in. Thank you to all of the clients who provided feedback and ratings in ZRPD’s Revolution®️ coverage portal. And a huge congratulations to all of the amazing attorneys who provide outstanding coverage to our clients every day! ZR could not be the success it is without you! 

Between October 1 and December 31, 2019, ZRPD collected dozens of ratings of the attorneys who appear on behalf of our clients every day. “Every attorney who joins the ZR roster does great work and for ZR’s clients,” says Connie Rinaldi, Co-Founder and Managing Director of ZRPD, “but these attorneys, really go above and beyond, consistently exceeding client expectations and getting outstanding results, on a daily basis.”   

Congratulations to the ZRPD Ratings Raffle Finalists:

  • Matthew Carlin
  • Mirella Blanaru
  • Anthony Mercaldi
  • Christopher Conway
  • Donneisha Hall
  • Edward Timothy McAuliffe, Jr. 
  • Delia Infantes
  • Jacqueline Ziegler
  • Joseph Stancati 
  • John Robins
  • John Armeo 

And the big winner . . . Arnold Treco, who won the $1,000 prize for 5-star ratings during the raffle period. Arnold brings over 20 years of litigation experience, first as a criminal defense attorney and later handling personal injury matters as an associate and then as a solo practitioner in his own firm. Admitted to practice law in multiple states, Arnold is a 1997 graduate of Quinnipiac College where he was a recipient of the Thurgood Marshal Scholarship Award. “Arnold is one of the most reliable and responsive appearance attorneys on the ZR Roster,” says Ken Sambuco, the Operations Manager for ZR. “He accepts multiple assignments every day and always handles them with a level of professionalism that ZRPD clients have come to expect.”  

“We can’t forget the other per diem attorneys who accept assignments from ZR’s clients, every day,” says Cesar Zuniga, Co-Founder and Managing Director of ZRPD. “With a growing roster of over 300 highly qualified, professional attorneys, it is important that we recognize the efforts they all put into their work on a daily basis. Being a per diem attorney is demanding. These attorneys handle whatever comes their way in court, with remarkable professionalism and expertise. We couldn’t do what we do without them.” 

“Booking coverage through ZR Per Diem Services is like having a huge staff and multiple offices throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania,” says Rinaldi. “Using a per diem service like ZR Per Diem really allows attorneys to manage large caseloads and really impact the bottom line.”  

In addition to the per diems receiving 5-star ratings, we would be remiss not to express our gratitude to the clients who contributed ratings and feedback to us in 2019. Without consistent feedback from our clients, ZR has been able to improve customer service, address the ever-changing needs of busy attorneys and help even more lawyers manage their busy practices,” says Zuniga. “In 2019, ZR Per Diem arranged coverage on over 6,000 court appearances and depositions.” With an average court appearance lasting approximately four (4) hours with travel time, that’s over 24,000 hours of court time that ZR has saved its clients, allowing them to focus on the in-office work that really helps them resolve cases and satisfy their clients. We’re really proud of that! 

We are grateful to all of our clients but want to give some special acknowledgment to:

  • Berkley PC
  • Helwig, Henderson, Gray, and Spinola
  • Judd Shaw
  • Jessica Schwartz
  • Stephen Abrami
  • Mary Cajous
  • Michael Siegel
  • Monarch Group
  • Morgan, Levine & Dolan 
  • Andrew Saraga 
  • Fouche Law Firm 

They all participated in our raffle and submitting their per diem ratings. And congratulations to Campbell Legal Associates for winning $1,000 credit for per diem services, for being one of the clients who submitted the most ratings during the raffle period.  

To request coverage from one of ZRPD’s outstanding roster attorneys log in at Revolution. Don’t forget to submit your reviews and give us some feedback. You may be our next lucky winner!  

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