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ELaw and ZR Per Diem Announce Ground-Breaking Partnership!

Oct 29, 2018 4:23:00 PM / by ZR Per Diem



Partnership promises to make it easier for attorneys throughout New York and New Jersey to cover court appearances and depositions with high quality experienced attorneys

GREAT NECK, NY, October 29, 2018 — ZR Per Diem Services, LLC (ZRPD), New York and New Jersey’s leader in per diem attorney support, and eLaw® New York and New Jersey’s leader in case docketing, calendaring and tracking, today announced a first-of-its-kind strategic partnership that will amplify the impact of both companies’ innovative offerings.

To revolutionize the way attorneys manage and staff their cases, the two companies are integrating their groundbreaking platforms. Law firms who are clients of both companies will be able to easily and quickly secure per diem coverage in their eLaw accounts or from an eWatch alert without having to re-enter case information in their coverage request. Going forward, these firms and the per diem attorneys staffing their cases will also be able to view eLaw-provided case details from inside ZRPD’s innovative Revolution™ appearance management system.

“We started providing per diem services in 2016 through our eLaw portal,” said Dominick Esposito, President of eLaw. “We had arms-length partnerships with several per diem firms, which allowed us to assess various per diem providers. We discovered that the best attorneys, the best customer service and the most efficient process came from ZR Per Diem and their Revolution system. We are absolutely thrilled to invest in ZR Per Diem to create this new unparalleled offering and fuel ZRPD’s growth.”

eLaw has a strong history of partnering and investing in companies that provide complementary services for attorneys.  With its sister company PM Legal, it recently announced a strategic investment in dispute resolution firm SSAM. The new ZR Per Diem partnership continues the strategy of building the most complete suite of top litigation support offerings available to New York and New Jersey attorneys.

“Partnering with eLaw,” said Connie Rinaldi, Managing Director of ZRPD, an attorney with 15 years of experience, “helps us expand our concierge-based per diem services offering to more firms and across more venues, while maintaining our high standards for processing requests, assigning professional per diem staff attorneys and providing appearance results quickly. It also allows us to become an even better home for per diem attorneys looking for more efficient, predictable and profitable appearance schedules.”

ZRPD’s market leadership and its expansive network offers its clients and its per diem attorneys significant advantages. ZRPD provides broad coverage as well as the ability to cover most last-minute requests, since ZRPD has per diems available in the vast majority of courthouses daily.  Likewise, the best per diem attorneys want a full day’s schedule, which ZRPD can provide.

This scale would not be possible without ZRPD’s homegrown Revolution™ software that automates much of the process of ordering and fulfilling per diem appearance orders. “Maintaining our quality standards while growing rapidly required building capabilities that no other per diem service has” says Cesar Zuniga, the ZRPD Managing Director, a seasoned trial attorney, who led the development effort. “It’s imperative that we are not just the largest – but also the best place for per diem attorneys to secure work and the best place for law firms that need to consistently get the best attorneys without feeling lost in the system.”

Without scale and a system like Revolution, smaller per diem firms cannot provide the same level of service to either their clients or the per diem attorneys who staff their appearances.

The integrated features with more combined capabilities will be available in the coming months.

About ZR Per Diem Services, LLC

Established in 2009 by attorney co-founders Cesar Zuniga and Connie Rinaldi, ZRPD has emerged as the top provider of centralized, professional per diem coverage in the New York and New Jersey markets. By building a scalable yet service-driven offering ZRPD has set the bar for per diem placement services, revolutionizing the practice of law and making attorney’s litigation calendars easier to manage.  ZRPD has covered over 100,000 appearances for firms large and small, making the lives of attorneys easier and more productive. For more information visit or

About eLaw, LLC

Since 2000, eLaw has been annually ranked as the leading docketing and calendaring software and per diem services provider by New York and New Jersey legal professionals. eLaw allows attorneys to search, monitor and manage, dockets and court calendars in New York and New Jersey trial courts. eLaw users locate cases of interest; register them for email alerts based on court dates, decisions, orders and notices; view individual assignment system dockets; cover all court appearances for firms and retrieve copies of any filed court documents from anywhere at any time. eLaw improves case management so that lawyers can practice with confidence. For more information, visit

About PM Legal, LLC

PM is the leader in process service, investigations and court services required every day by lawyers, paralegals and legal secretaries in the New York City area. We are experts at providing simplified and personalized services to swiftly move cases through the court system. Our mission is to make it easier for attorneys to focus on a winning litigation strategy by delivering a wide range of best-in-class litigation support with a single point of contact. For more information, visit

ZRPD, eLaw and PM Legal are not law firms and do not provide direct legal services or advice.  All professional legal services are provided by independent qualified Legal Service Providers, assigned by ZRPD.

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