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ZR Per Diem Becomes Sponsor of the NYS Trial Academy

Jan 22, 2020 10:30:00 AM / by ZR Per Diem


ZR Per Diem is proud to announce its sponsorship of the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers (NYSATL). “Sponsoring NYSATL seemed a natural fit and a perfect next step for ZRPD”, says Connie Rinaldi, Co-Founder, and Managing Director. “Our clients are litigators and the mission of NYSATL, to advance our profession, really resonated with us as a company.” 

For over a decade, ZR Per Diem Services has been providing busy lawyers with fast, easy, professional court appearance and deposition coverage services throughout NY, NJ, and PA. As the exclusive provider of coverage services to Elaw and the preferred choice of per diem services by thousands of law firms, ZRPD has covered over 150,000 matters saving clients time, money and hassle, earning it the New York and New Jersey Law Journal's “Best Of” Award for per diem services two years running.  

Well known for “prompt and thorough coverage,” ZRPD makes lawyers’ lives easier by allowing busy practitioners the opportunity to spend time on the work that moves cases forward instead of spending time battling traffic, searching for adversaries and waiting for judges on court appearances. “The average court appearance takes up to four hours. The time our clients save by having those matters covered by a per diem attorney allows them to be more productive, handle more cases and earn more money,” explained Rinaldi.

“We are looking forward to this new partnership with NYSATL”, says Cesar Zuniga, Co-Founder, and Managing Director. “Our goal is to provide our clients with the peace of mind of knowing that they have highly qualified per diem attorneys appearing on their matters and representing their clients’ interests. What better way can we continue addressing the needs of busy attorneys than by sponsoring an organization that provides such valuable resources to litigators.”  

ZR Per Diem is proud to stand beside NYSATL and its members in their quest to protect the rights of victims and the justice system as a whole. “After all, we are lawyers, our clients are lawyers and our roster of outstanding and highly qualified per diems who handle appearances on behalf of our clients are attorneys. This is our chosen profession. We look forward to continuing to support it with our sponsorship,” says Zuniga.  

ZR Per Diem combines the best in knowledge and experience with the latest technology, allowing clients to secure coverage with the click of a button, anytime, anywhere. With ZR’s proprietary online coverage portal, Revolution®️, managing a court calendar has never been easier.  

Supporting attorneys is the number one goal of ZR Per Diem. Sponsoring an organization like NYSATL, which provides attorneys, the profession and the judicial system with such valuable and important resources is a perfect compliment to the mission of ZR Per Diem. ZR is honored to join and support NYSATL in its mission to embrace the core values of our legal system while advancing the legal profession as a whole. “Sponsoring an organization that works to enhance and protect the judicial system we all rely on gives us the opportunity to give a voice to all of our clients and of counsel per diem attorneys,”  says Rinaldi. “I’m looking forward to a successful partnership.”  

ZR Per Diem was built on the foundation that to be successful, busy lawyers need reliable, responsible resources to manage their firms and provide their clients with the best possible results. ZR Per Diem was created to serve that need. “We understand lawyers, we understand clients, and we understand the courts,” says Rinaldi. 

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